New Dating App Allows Your Mom to Set You Up with Young Men Who Seem Nice

Hailed as a blessing to mothers who worry their daughters will end up as lonesome childless spinsters, the new dating app Mothr allows your mom to find young men who seem nice for you to date.


Unlike other dating apps where you get to decide if you’re interested in the other person before you match with them, Mothr takes everything completely out of your hands and lets your mom do everything for you.


Mothr gives your mom the option to sort through men she thinks that you really should give a chance based off of if they seem like they “just have something about them” and whether or not they’re “a nice Polish boy”. Mothr also has a unique ranking system that allows your mom to rate how well your mom knows his mom as well as how excited your mom is for you to meet him.


Additionally, Mothr allows your mom to search for men who specifically live in the town you grew up in but no longer live in so that you can have someone nice to meet if you ever come and visit her. A review on TechCrunch calls this feature “impractical” and “Shouldn’t the app only allow your mom to search for men in the city where you actually live?” However, your mom says that “you really need to see her more often” and “Wouldn’t it be nice to meet someone while you’re here? These young men seem nice and all have good jobs.”



“You really should be thinking about your future,” said your mom, who is also the creator of Mothr. “You’re not going to be young forever. I know you don’t like me saying that, but it’s what other people are thinking. They just won’t say it to you because they’re not your mother, like I am.”


Even though your mom thinks it’s a good idea, Mothr is no stranger to controversy. Some people have questioned the effectiveness of an app that lets your mom fix you up with people you have absolutely no interest in dating. The app also features hourly “just get back out there” alerts even though you just went through a break up and can your mom, like, stop for a second? But despite this criticism, Mothr remains extremely popular with your mom, who just wants to see you happy.


One thing is for sure, Mothr truly lives up to its slogan, “Don’t mind me! I’m your mother!”