New Dating App Matches You With A Mom That Doesn’t Care If You Get Married

Every dating app has it’s own unique gimmick. For example, on Bumble, women have to make the first move and Hinge helps you to connect with friends of friends. But a new app is about to blow all the other ones out of the water. It’s called “As Long As You’re Happy” and it connects you with a mom who doesn’t give a shit that you’re still not married.


“I wanted to create a dating app that was less about dating and more about helping you not care about dating,” says Emma Reinking, founder of ALAYH. “I realized the major reason I was staying in the dating game was that my mom kept asking me when I was getting married. So I was just like, what if I got a new mom that didn’t care and don’t have to worry about this anymore?”


The app obviously can’t do anything about your actual genetics, but it does grant you a spiritual experience in which you can finally talk to a mother figure who truly just doesn’t give a single shit when you’re getting married.


You simply input your “mommy preferences” and ALAYH will match you up with a “mom” that’s ready to private chat, text, talk on the phone, and even meet in person without once asking “if you’re seeing anyone” or “you want to be married before you turn 30 though, right?”


Users of ALAYH are already enjoying the app’s easy interface and amazing, totally laid back moms.


“I met up with my ‘mom’ at a local restaurant,” says one user. “She didn’t mention marriage once. And when I mentioned having kids someday she said, “It’s your life and you can choose how to live it.” Then she asked me what books I was reading. I started sobbing.”



The app also offers a MommyBot, for those who want to skip the courtship. The MommyBot is at the ready with phrases such as, “Your relationship status has nothing to do with your identity, happiness, or worth” and “I actually don’t want grandchildren, they’re a lot of work.”


The app has been doing incredibly well in its first month and is projected to keep growing. So well in fact that they’ve already soft-launched a second app DDY, for women who want to be matched with dads who can pay for all their shit and never ask why their job doesn’t offer health insurance or a 401k plan.


Sounds perfect!!