Woman On Tinder Just Looking For A Casual Breakup

Most people are on dating websites to find love, but not 27-year old Tonya Diaz. She’s on Tinder looking for a short fling and a casual, low-key breakup.


Diaz started online dating four years ago after breaking up with her long time college boyfriend. But after a series of short-term relationships that all ended in dramatic and emotional breakups, she’s finally ready to just sit back and enjoy a casual no-strings-attached separation for once.


“I’m in my late twenties now,” says Diaz. “It’s getting harder and harder to meet good guys to have a long, drawn-out, painful breakup with. That’s why I’m just looking for a quiet, chill ghosting nowadays.”


Diaz’s friends are excited that she’s back in the game.


“She’s gone through so much heartache in the last few years,” says long time friend Savannah Li. “I’m so happy to see her throwing her hat in the ring and looking a guy to just like take her out on seven dates and then text her that he’s ‘too busy rn’.”


So far, Diaz has gotten a good response from the men she’s met on the dating app.


“We went out for drinks and she immediately said she wasn’t looking for anything serious, just a quick, pain-free breakup,” says Jonas Mince, a recent ex of Diaz’s. “I was like oh hell yeah I’m definitely into that. I’m constantly dating women and then just kind of fading away for basically no reason. We were a perfect match!”



“We grabbed dinner and she told me right away she was just looking to be casually blindsided by a breakup,” says John Krantz, another ex. “So I was like ‘dope’ and dumped her right there halfway through appetizers.”


But is Diaz still looking for love? All signs point to definitely not.


“I just want that typical modern dating experience,” she says. “You know, where you date a bunch of guys, and then break up with them primarily over text because neither of you are into it. That’s what I want.”