Woman Takes Bumpit Out of Hair After Accidentally Leaving it in for a Decade

Earlier this week, Laura Gardner discovered a Bumpit from her hair that she had accidentally left in since she purchased the hair tool in 2007.


“I think I put it in to make my hair look nice for my senior prom,” Gardner claims. “It really gave me such natural looking volume, that I must have eventually assumed that my hair looked that way.”


Gardner’s Bumpit was discovered by a stylist at the hair salon while she was getting her hair colored. The hairdresser pulled it out, assuming Gardner had recently placed it in her hair.


“I was shocked, “Gardner recounted. “I forgot they even existed, but one had actually been on my head for years.”



Nancy Romero, Gardner’s hairdresser, has never seen a situation like this in her 15 years as a hairdresser.


“This was my first time working with Laura. The Bumpit was hard to remove; there were quite a few knots. I’m amazed that no one has noticed it before. I think maybe she hadn’t had her hair cut in quite some time. Which is, you know, a whole other thing.”


Gardner’s friends and family are completely shocked. Her coworker Tracy Windham said of the incident, “I had a Bumpit 10 years ago too. But whenever I put it in, it hurt my scalp so badly. I also realized it looked terrible. How could she go so long without noticing it?”


Gardner says that the discovery has not come without consequences. “The area the Bumpit was in is very red, and a little scabby. I’ll have to use a gentle shampoo for a while. I’m also realizing my head isn’t a unique pointy shape, which is a bummer.”


Gardner thinks she may return to using Bumpits in the future. “I won’t use Bumpits in the immediate future, because my scalp needs some rest. But I love the effect they have on my hair. If I see an infomercial for one soon, I’ll definitely place a big order. I really need to find a new one, because the one that was in my hair kind of smells now.”


Right now, Gardner is focusing on other ways to give her hair Bumpit texture. “It was really hard for me to accept that my hair wasn’t naturally that voluminous, but I’m testing out new hair sprays and curling irons that will hopefully give me some of that back of head volume.”