Woman Spends Another Night Constantly Reminding Friends ‘My Purse Is Right Here!’

Attending an evening of drinks and fun with friends Saturday, Aja Everett yet again spent the night reminding friends several times that, “FYI, my purse is right over here. Right…right here. Okay?”


Everett has a habit of informing entire friend groups where her purse is situated when they go out. And while her intention is to make sure it she doesn’t forget it, or that it doesn’t get stolen, or knocked onto the floor, her main priority always is to make sure everyone in attendance knows exactly where her purse is.


“I’m just putting my purse under your jacket,” Aja told here friend Monique Johnson around 8pm, before explaining to Johnson’s friend Nadia Sullivan around 8:07 that “my purse is right over here under Monique’s jacket,” as if this knowledge sharing will make it any less likely that her purse is stolen.


“I don’t even know this chick,” explained Sullivan, “But I was like, ‘Okay honey, got it.’ I don’t know what she expected me to do with that information.”


Everett explains her locational purse announcements by saying, “You can’t be too careful. There are a lot of people out and around you at bars and restaurants, and if someone comes sniffing around our stuff, I want people to know my purse is over there.”



“Once I moved her purse to a hook to make room for someone to sit down and when she saw someone sitting where her purse had been, she immediately came over like, ‘Where’s my purse?!’” says Johnson. “And then after we explained it was on the hook, she made eye contact with everyone individually as they were forced to acknowledge they now knew her purse’s new location.”


Everett is primarily focused on the welfare of her own purse, but will sometimes keep an eye on other purses as well.


“Monique, that dude’s getting kinda close to your purse,” Everett whispered to Johnson after Johnson momentarily set her purse on the bar to pay for a drink.


Johnson affected her best, “Thanks.”