How To Make Her Moist Even Though You’re Not A Highly Rated Humidifier

woman and humidifier

Getting your lady primed for passion isn’t always easy – especially if you’re a human being and not a highly rated humidifier. But don’t worry! Other humans have been making ladies moist for thousands of years before humidifiers were even around. Here’s how to get her there without constantly relying on a five-star reviewed humidifier to finish the job:


Get in the right mindset.

Remember that getting turned on is not just physical, but mental. Make eye contact with her and tell her she’s sexy. Tell her exactly what you want to do to her, in a way that will make her respond. You don’t even have to touch her to make her moist! Nobody knows this better than the top-rated Honeywell HCM-350 cool mist humidifier, but you can at least try to mimic what’s going on there on your own.


Don’t be afraid to tease.

Foreplay is supposed to be fun! Don’t be afraid to tease a little, even if she seems interested in more. It’s the tension and the delay that is going to get her even wetter – at least as wet as the lowest setting on a one-gallon bedroom humidifier, but definitely not wetter than that, It’s not like you’re a machine designed to add moisture anywhere it goes! That would be crazy, right?



Spew moisture particles into the air in an enclosed room.

If you’re looking to get her going quickly, yet efficiently, you’ll have her absolutely BEGGING for the main event after consistently spewing humidity into the air for at least 20 minutes. Again, this takes a lot of practice to mimic the effects of some of the best humidifiers on the market today, but with enough practice, she’ll be absolutely DRIPPING by the time you pull out the strap!


You may never be a humidifier, and that’s okay! You can still try your best at getting your partner primed for sex in a way that will make her say, “That was okay, I guess!” Just request taking some time off from the humidifier for awhile so she can fully appreciate your efforts. Good luck!