4 Date Night Ideas That Would Be Way More Fun With Your Toxic Ex

It’s hard to keep things fresh when choosing a date night with your significant other – especially when they are healthy, well-adjusted people. If you’ve found yourself in a relationship where you share mutual goals and resolve problems with good communication, here are a few date night ideas that would have been way more fun with your incredibly toxic ex who cheated on you and kind of stole your identity but you kept on sleeping with them anyway:


Ice Skating!

A fun and safe socially distanced date idea is ice skating! It can be fun to get some exercise and hold hands while you skate alongside your hottie, and share a cup of hot cocoa afterward. Of course, this all would be way more interesting if they brought a flask of whiskey, and you got into kind of a sloppy drunk fight in front of children and you kind of low-key threatened them with a skate blade before having really good sex, but that wasn’t good in the end, remember? Remember???


Virtual Wine Tasting

A wine tasting is a fun way to let loose and try some new wines! If there’s one you both like, buy a bottle and take it home for some more fun! But no matter how much fun you’ll have, deep down, you’ll be longing for the time your ex brought a bunch of cocaine to a wine tasting and you got kicked out having sex in the bathroom. But like, wine is still fun, right??



Rent Scooters

Taking a scooter around the city for the day can be a fun way to explore places you’ve never been, and find new romantic spots while you take in some sights and fresh air. And I mean, scooters are cute and all, but what about that time that you were riding on the back of your ex’s motorcycle and they kept going way too fast and you never told them to stop because the danger was kind of sexy? You know, that thing you’ve talked about in therapy for the last five years? Yeah, scooters are not that fun but you should still unpack that.


Just kind of…have sex!

Yeah that was also better with your ex.


And there you have it! Things may not be as spicy as they used to be, but at least you can still go out and have a “nice” time. That’s good, right? That’s what you wanted? No more toxic relationships? Okay, great – now get out there and have fun!