How to Impress Him Even Though He Sucks

In a world where we can peruse countless prospective dates with just the click of a button, standing out to impress a mediocre guy is more important and more difficult than ever. At the end of the day, you need something to set you apart from the pack, whether you actually want to or not. So use these tips and tricks to impress him even though this guy totally sucks.


Keep conversations light and playful.

Early encounters should be all about flexing your smart and sexy banter. Show your wit by getting in the occasional quip, but mostly all you have to do is laugh at everything he says. If he appeals to your internalized misogyny with a “not like other girls” compliment, then you’re on the right track to winning over a man who will bring nothing positive into your life. Score!


Take interest in his interests.

Is he into college football? Take some time to research his favorite team. More of a film buff? See if you have what it takes to sit through Das Boot. This intensive effort will give you so much to talk about that you won’t even have time to wonder why he never asked you about your interests. Whatever! This isn’t about you; it’s about making sure you’re liked by someone whose opinion you don’t respect!



Don’t pressure him.

Too much self-advocacy at the beginning of a relationship is a huge turn-off, so instead try to flesh out what he wants and then mirror that. He’ll be wowed by your laidback attitude, and you’ll be basking in the glory of validation, even if that validation is from a dude who’s never read a book by a woman.


Reap the rewards!

Now that you’ve poured time and energy into impressing a guy who sucks instead of finding someone you actually like, you get to reap the rewards. In this case, that probably looks like ending things but offering to stay friends out of an unfounded sense of obligation even though you were never friends in the first place. And surprise! He’ll take you up on it and use you as a free therapist for as long as you allow because he doesn’t have an emotionally honest relationship with any of his guy friends and no other women want to be around him. Oops!


These time-tested approaches are sure to help you impress him even though he sucks, and best of all, none of them require you to interrogate why you’re really doing this. Enjoy!