Roommates Now Eating Your Groceries Out of Necessity Instead of Laziness

 In a developing story out of your apartment, it has been confirmed that due to widespread isolation orders, your roommates have transitioned from eating your groceries out of laziness to eating them out of necessity.


“It used to be that I ate her clementines because I was feeling snacky and couldn’t be bothered to go get my own,” said Rachel O’Brien, one of your roommates. “Now I’m basically freebasing her arugula because we’re forbidden from leaving the house. It’s different!”


Some of your roommates are being a bit delusional about the whole thing.


“I never ate her groceries before, except like a spare egg or two once in a while,” said Wendy Engels, who once single-handedly ate a full dozen of your eggs when you were out of town for a few days. “But now, she’s like the only person who has any food, so what else am I supposed to eat?”



“Yeah, I’m barely ever over there, so I don’t have time to steal her food,” said Wendy’s boyfriend Luke, who is at the apartment nearly every day eating your food with abandon. “But I’m isolating here with everyone, and we all have to eat.”


“It’s not like we can go to the grocery store,” he added, incorrectly. “This is all we’ve got.”


As far as you’re concerned, this is business as usual, with a slight twist.


“She goes grocery shopping like four times a week anyway, so she has plenty of food,” said Rachel, blissfully ignorant to the fact that you have to shop so much because they rapidly deplete your purchases. “She can share a little.”


“Especially now, more than ever,” Rachel added, as if this is any different than before.