How to Cope With Rejection Even Though You Really Needed This Kidney

Coping with rejection is hard – it can be easy to feel abandoned, question your self-worth, and even wonder whether you deserved this kidney to begin with. But don’t worry! Just follow these three simple tips and you’ll be handling this rejection like a pro in no time, and hopefully getting on some anti-rejection medication, like, now.


Acknowledge the pain.

Rejection hurts. When someone you’re interested in says they don’t feel the same way about you, that’s a direct hit to the heart. And when your kidney transplant fails to take? Well, that’ll definitely lead to some acute pain in your kidney, as well as an array of other unpleasant symptoms that you should probably get checked out. It’s important to not just brush this pain aside – by acknowledging it, you give yourself the ability to begin to move on, or, in your case, head immediately to the hospital.


Recognize that rejection is a part of life.

Everyone experiences rejection at some point in their life. Whether it’s from a potential love interest, a job, or an organ essential for filtering your blood and removing waste – rejection is normal and you can get past it! I mean, probably not in your case, because you actually really needed that kidney and it looks like the anti-rejection meds aren’t really doing what they should, but in most other cases! You’re pretty much screwed, though.



Don’t beat yourself up.

It’s completely normal to feel down after a rejection, but people have a tendency to be harder on themselves than they need to be. Remember: it’s not your fault! Plus, since your rejection involved a vital organ, you should be even kinder to yourself, because your body literally cannot handle any undue stress. Try thinking of it this way: it’s less the kidney rejecting you, and more your body rejecting the kidney. So, wait, actually, maybe it is your fault?


That’s it! If you followed these tips, you should be bouncing back from this rejection in no time! Emotionally, that is. Physically, it’s looking like you’ll need another whole-ass kidney surgically inserted into your body before you can even remotely begin to recover from this. Try not to fuck this one up, okay? Good luck!