How to Solve All Your Problems by Having a Rotisserie Chicken for Dinner

Do you come home after a long day stressed and tired? Well, all of your problems can be solved with this one simple trick: devouring a tasty and juicy rotisserie chicken. Though a lot of people love to come home to a glass of wine, try instead a spit-roasted bird. Here is a guide to solve all your problems by having a already-prepared chicken from the grocery store for dinner.


Buy a rotisserie chicken.

The first step to creative problem solving is always buying a rotisserie chicken. Forget what you’re currently worrying about and redirect your focus to the best place you can buy a rotisserie chicken in your immediate area. Popular rotisserie chicken destinations are Costco and Whole Foods, and prices can range from four to 12 dollars for a bird. Do you want your chicken organic? Do you like your chicken pumped with hormones? This decision is all yours. The first step is always acquiring your chicken.


Cry over your bag of chicken.

Sometimes you just need to let it all out. Whether it is relationship problems or financial problems, don’t be afraid to have a good cry. The rotisserie chicken on your counter is almost like an emotional support pet – it feels so much better crying knowing you have a juicy rotisserie nearby. Baste your chicken in your tears, then get ready to enjoy your post-cry meal.


Pick your sides.

While a rotisserie chicken alone can be the cure to general malaise, a set of delicious sides will have added therapeutic benefits. Will you have salad or a scoop of buttery mashed potatoes with your chicken? At the bottom of your mac and cheese there might be a solution to overcoming your crippling debt!



Relax and enjoy your chicken.

For the final step, take a deep breath and enjoy your “traditionally seasoned” chicken. Instead of the additional stress of figuring out what you’re eating for dinner, admire the beauty and ease of simply picking up a rotisserie chicken. You can even enjoy it without utensils! Just dive into that wet bag of poultry with your bare hands.


Life is hard, so why complicate dinner by preparing and cooking everything yourself? The cure-all to your life’s problems is an herb-slathered chicken in a giant plastic bag. Yeah, you can seek therapy, but a rotisserie chicken is a hell of a lot cheaper.