How to Have It All Even Though That Sounds Like a Lot

Do you want a perfect career, social life, and even love life? Well, you can have it all, even if “having it all” sounds like a sick twisted threat. Don’t be threatened by success! The world is your giant overwhelming oyster. Just follow these three simple tips and you’ll attain everything you’ve ever dreamed of, even though that honestly sounds kind of exhausting.


Believe in yourself wholeheartedly.

It can be hard to believe that you of all people are the most equipped to have it all. If you believe in yourself, having it all can be your reality. Walk around with an inflated sense of pride and determination to do whatever it takes to rule the world. While it’s scary to imagine that you can have everything, it’s better to grossly overestimate yourself than underestimate yourself. You can have everything you want, even if that seems improbable and unethical.


Strive for perfection.

Yes, becoming perfect sounds like a lot of work, if we’re being honest. However, to have it all, you must be better than the masses, so striving for absolute perfection is the best way forward. Does it seem weird and scary to view yourself that way? Yes, but you deserve it, queen! No pressure if you fall short of perfection – you’ll still get some of “it” which actually sounds way more manageable. 



Say yes to everything.

This is your year of yes! Don’t let life get you down! Sure, there are times when “no” is the most rational answer, but forget rational thinking and just say yes! Even if “yes” the most stressful option, push yourself to take on everything. The quickest track towards having it all is never taking no for an answer or giving no as an answer. Say yes to it all, even if you would rather lie in bed and not do shit. 


In a world of over seven billion people, there is only one you, and you deserve everything! With these quick easy steps, you can have it all. Does having it all sound kind of horrible? Yeah! Do you deserve it all? Sure, maybe! The world is not ready for you to hoard all the resources and power! Go get it, girl!