Woman Just Posting A Funny Anecdote On Facebook Like It’s 2009 Or Something

28-year-old Sara Bledsoe is generating attention on her Facebook feed this afternoon after posting what can only be described as a “throwback” post, where she told a nice story about from her day.


The post, which notably does not include any links, quiz results, or controversial political opinions, has some people saying it would feel more in place in 2009.


“I saw it on my feed and assumed it must have been a Timehop or something,” says friend Cassie Deandre. “But then I looked closer and realized it was from today. I haven’t seen a post that undemanding in over 10 years.”


The status begins with Sara recounting her recent trip to the local grocery store, and ends with a humorous misunderstanding she shared with the cashier. There were no photos, GIFs, or emoji included. The post simply consisted of a straightforward body of text with a benign narrative.


“A post that doesn’t bother me at all?” says Sara’s friend, Oscar Gardner. “Crazy. It’s like she Sliding Doors-ed her way out of 2009 with that one.”


While the overall reaction to the status has been generally positive, it has left many Facebook friends of Sara’s bewildered and more than a little disturbed.


“It’s like she was just responding to that old Facebook status prompt where it said your name and was like ‘is feeling…’,” says Sara’s co-worker, Tabby Fiorella. “Only, that prompt hasn’t been around in a decade. So where the hell did that status come from? Her brain? Doesn’t add up.”


Though some friends and family have been miffed by Sara’s determined old-fashionedness, some have found much to praise in her antiquated post.


“I think it’s great that she’s using Facebook in that way,” says sister-in-law, Darlene Bledsoe. “At this point I mostly just use my Facebook feed to post bad hot takes about food to get a rise out of people.”



Though the post may strikes some as painfully outdated and quaint, it unquestionably triggers a nostalgic release in some Facebook users, reminding them of a simpler time when the social media site was known less for hate speech and spreading disinformation campaigns, and known more for its charming ability to blast a dumb story out to about 40 people at a time.


And while the real-life reactions to the post have been mixed, the online response has admittedly hit some of the more standard 2019 notes.


“Our aunt commented on it to say ‘That happens to me all the time, LOL!!’,” says Darlene about the post, which received three likes.