REPORT: Black Friend Not Enjoying This Blowout Bar As Much As You Are

In a developing story out of the metro DC area, it has been reported that your black friend Kendrea is not having nearly as enjoyable of a time at the blowout bar as you are.


“Any chance you could use a bit more conditioner than that?” Kendrea asks the woman washing her hair while you lay back, unconcerned and blissed out. “And feel free to put it on more than just the ends.”


Kendrea, who has a 3C/4A curl type, said that this might not be the best option for her on your girl’s day, but you insisted.


“Do you mind going back over my roots?” says Kendrea to her stylist, as you peacefully sip your glass of complimentary prosecco. “They’re not completely dry.”


Though you consider your time at the blowout bar a chance to sit back, relax, and be pampered, you’ve managed to neglect the fact that you have pin-straight hair that dries quickly and without fuss. Kendrea, who is black, does not.



“Not to be annoying, but do you have any heat protectant that you could throw in there before you start to straighten it?” Kendrea requests politely of her frustrated stylist, while yours effortlessly glides a curling iron through your uncomplicated tresses and you sit distractedly watching She’s The Man.


Kendrea is understandably irritated.


“I guess I thought that I didn’t have to explain why I wouldn’t feel comfortable getting my hair done at a place that only does blowouts and whose primary demographic is white women with white woman hair,” she explains. “But now I’m here and I can’t even relax because I keep having to explain to my stylist how to properly blowout my hair.”


“We literally could’ve just gotten gone for brunch and gotten mani pedis,” she adds. “I’m gonna have to tip this woman like 40 percent.”


Sources confirm that brunch and mani pedis would’ve been relaxing for the both you and free of the added stress of your black friend having to excuse herself for existing.