Woman Sad ‘Game of Thrones’ Is Over After Eight Years of Hating It

Many people have expressed sadness over the finale of Game of Thrones, but none more so than 28-year-old Lucy Campbell. She has actively hated the hit HBO drama since it premiered in 2011.


“I knew I despised it from the moment I was forced to look at a 16-year-old’s boobs,” says Campbell, a devoted viewer. “I can’t believe there won’t be any more gratuitous nudity to or totally illogical plot lines to complain about to my roommate over breakfast.”


Her rage toward the medieval fantasy only grew stronger throughout its eight seasons, of which she’s watched every episode.


“I’ve basically been in mourning since Shireen was needlessly murdered by Melisandre. That was so fucking dumb, by the way.”


Campbell’s despair has gotten so severe that those closest to her are feeling some concern.


“I think it’s a big part of her identity, says Tori Venetia, Campbell’s coworker. “She spends every Monday morning in the breakroom, explaining that Arya would never have survived being stabbed by the Waif or yelling about the offensive racial politics of the Unsullied. With the finale around the corner, the spark has just gone out of her.”


“I hate to see her like this,” adds Milo Vickers, who has been dating Campbell for nearly three years. “In only a few days, the show will be over and she’ll have no reason to point out how unrealistic it is that the characters travel thousands of miles each episode without any modern transportation. She’s absolutely devastated.”


Other acquaintances of Campbell wonder what a world without Game of Thrones will mean for them.


“To be honest, I’m worried about our friendship,” says Linnea Solomon. “I’ve known Lucy since kindergarten, but for the past eight years all she ever talked about was how awful David Benioff and D.B. Weiss are. I don’t even know where she works.”



Despite her sadness, Campbell is committed to moving forward and finding another pop culture phenomenon to vocally lambast.


“There has to be more to me than my effusive dislike of Game of Thrones,” she says. “I guess I could get into hating This is Us, but it lacks the complex narrative to stay angry for days on end. I don’t know what I’m gonna do.”