Are You a Millennial, a Gen Xer, or Ageless Karen?

You hear the terms millennial and Generation X all the time, but do you really know which one you are? Or are you Karen, who is somehow ageless – we seriously cannot figure out how old she is!


When were you born?

a.) 1981-2000

b.) 1965-1980

c.) A lady never tells, and I shant!


What was the most impactful historical moment in your childhood?

a.) 9/11

b.) The end of the Cold War

c.) “All of it, really. All of it,” you say with a knowing wink.


What actor did you have a crush on growing up?

a.) Jonathan Taylor Thomas

b.) Andrew McCarthy

c.) Carey Grant, forever and always.


What’s your ideal workplace vibe?

a.) Fulfilling work and flexible or remote work arrangements.

b.) Entrepreneurial with clear goals and blunt communication. Lean in!

c.) When in Rome, do as the Romans do! See you in St. Louis, darlings!


What fashion style can’t you let go of?

a.) The preppy look

b.) Normcore

c.) Caftans, forever in caftans!




Mostly A’s: You’re a Millennial, baby!

You grew up in the technology generation. You don’t like structure and you thrive under positive reinforcement.


Mostly B’s: You’re a Gen X-r!

You grew up during the fall of the Berlin wall. You have a bit of a cynical approach to life and you don’t like this lazy younger crowd.


Mostly C’s: You’re “Ageless Karen”

No one knows what your deal is really. You seem to belong to the ages and also nowhere at the same time. We can’t put our finger on what your deal is, Karen!