Are Your Thighs Good Feminists?

If you’re a woman, you’re likely no stranger to society telling you that there’s something wrong with your body. Unrealistic beauty standards have created dangerous ideals such as the “thigh gap,” and lead women to feel that their perfectly healthy bodies aren’t good enough. Your thighs might fit the mainstream ideals of beauty, but are they good feminists? Take this quiz to find out!


Do your thighs support women?

a.) Yes, of course. I can’t imagine what sort of hateful thighs would dare not support women.

b.) What is a “woman”?

b.) They physically support me. Is that what this question means?


Where do your thighs belong?

a.) Wherever I say they belong. My body is my own.

b.) A thigh’s place is in the house…and the Senate.

c.) I guess between my knees and my hips?


Are your thighs well versed in Judith Butler’s gender performance scholarship?

a.) My thighs have read the whole of Butler’s work and can quote her at the drop of a hat.

b.) My thighs are cautious not to over-privilege the exclusionary, ivory tower of academia.

c.) No. My thighs cannot read.


Is your thighs’ feminism intersectional?

a.) Absolutely. My thighs are cognizant of race, class, gender, and ability.

b.) Sorry, I don’t understand the question. It’s not feminism if it’s not intersectional.



Do your thighs rub together when you walk?

You don’t have to answer this one, but know that we know and are considering it in your score.





Mostly A’s: Good Feminists!

Congratulations. Your thighs are good feminists and probably cried during Oprah’s Golden Globes speech.


Mostly B’s: Incredible Feminists

Wow. Your thighs are even better feminists than we thought possible. They probably boycotted the Golden Globes for a really cool, feminist reason that we haven’t even heard of.


Mostly C’s: Terrible Feminists

Holy fucking shit, your thighs are terrible feminists. We can hardly believe your thighs hate women so much. Luckily, you can fix them by doing squats!