Should You Donate Your Eggs or Wait Nevermind You’re Too Old Now

More and more couples are turning to IVF to conceive, so consider donating your eggs to help a family have a baby. In order to decide if donating your eggs is right for you—oh wait, you have to be less than 29 years old to do it in a way that would really work, so it looks like you missed your chance. Before you decide to donate your eggs, you should consider these facts or wait actually nevermind your ancient eggs are no good here!


Are You Physically Active?

Congrats on living a healthy lifestyle! Many couples want eggs from women who are athletic so your eggs will be in high demand.  Unfortunately, while you were out hiking across America and becoming a fitness inspiration, you became so old your healthy eggs just shriveled up and no one will want a baby made from those decrepit eggs!


Do You Want To Help A Family In Need?

Donating your eggs is a great way to help others build their beautiful families. If you want to help a loving couple start a family then donating your eggs should be a no-brainer. Sadly, while you were imagining the baby you helped create learning how to walk and graduating from Yale you just became way too old to donate your matronly eggs. Sorry!


Do You Smoke?

Smoking can have harmful effects on a woman’s reproductive system and even damage her unfertilized eggs. Luckily, you’ve never smoked a cigarette so you’d make a great egg donor! But since you spent all your twenties running away from cigarette smoke you’re now an old hag with dusty eggs that are worth $0.



Did You Graduate From A Great College?

It’s no secret that couples want eggs from women who are intelligent and accomplished. Since you graduated top of your class from Cornell you are a prime candidate for egg donation. Oh, but since it’s already been five years since graduating your eggs are like antique lamps no one will ever buy. Good luck paying off those loans!


Do You Have A Healthy Medical History?

If you were one of the lucky ones who has relatively few medical issues in your family tree, you would be a great candidate—oh no, sorry! You were busy calling your grandma and great aunts to learn about your medical history and meanwhile you became so old that your eggs basically fossilized! Oh well.


Help others and earn thousands of dollars by donating your eggs. And if you’re in your thirties, your eggs are simply a great archaeological find!