Woman Tells Fourth Coworker Tale of Food Delivery Mix-up

Early this afternoon, 32-year-old graphic designer Muriel Gonzalez decided to share the arduous tale of her lunchtime food delivery mix-up to yet another co-worker, making this the fourth person she’s told today.


Sources confirm that Muriel has been talking about her delivery issue for the last three hours and was thrilled to take an interview to discuss the experience for a fifth time.


“They sent it to my home address, not to the office,” says Gonzalez. “They were ringing my bell to give me my dumplings all the way in Brooklyn, but I’m here in Manhattan! They started from scratch and sent other dumplings here—so I got my lunch two hours after I ordered!”


Gonzalez’s co-workers have expressed extreme boredom regarding the saga, expressing disbelief that Gonzalez doesn’t know delivery errors are extremely common, and they don’t make good stories.


“I spent my whole lunch break listening to her talk about how her food went to her house instead of the office,” says Barb Sartini, Gonzalez’s deskmate. And then I had to listen to her tell Sandy, Cate and Jonas. Why?!”


Despite the frustration of Gonzalez’s peers, Gonzalez shows no signs of stopping sharing this banal story any time soon.


“Dan is on vacation, but I can’t wait to tell him about this when he comes back,” says Gonzalez. “The delivery guy called me and said, ‘I’m outside’ but he was actually outside my house. I said, ‘Well, I’m downtown!’ Dan’s going to love it.”


Gonzalez’s co-workers all agree that Dan won’t care about this story.


“I usually bring food from home, so this whole day has been a whirlwind,” says Gonzalez. “At least I feel like I’m bonding with my co-workers, even if my dumplings took forever to come.”



At the conclusion of this interview, Gonzalez’s phone buzzed with a notification to rate her delivery experience.


“Oh boy, I have a lot to say in my review,” shares Gonzalez. “I’ve got to tell my-coworkers about this. They’re gonna eat this up!!”


Meanwhile, everyone blames the mix up on Gonzalez, who obviously inputted her delivery address incorrectly in the first place.