QUIZ: Are You the Problem?

After encountering never-ending conflict, setbacks, broken relationships, job struggles, and snakes, you might be starting to think, “Is this just bad luck, or am I the reason that all of this is happening?” If this sounds familiar, then take the quiz below to figure out if you’ve been the real problem all along!


How many enemies do you have?

  1. Well, there’s people that I don’t particularly like, but I wouldn’t say they’re “enemies”.
  2. More than six. I lost count at my mother. 


How often do people upset you?

  1. Not very often.
  2. Anytime anyone looks at me weird.


What’s your usual reason for blocking people on social media?

  1. I guess I only block someone if they’re harassing me or sending me spam.
  2. To send a message.


When someone copies your style in some way, how do you respond?

  1. I don’t respond at all? I’m sure it was just a coincidence.
  2. I put them on blast.


Does it seem like everyone’s out to get you?

  1. Definitely not.
  2. It doesn’t seem like it, because they are.


Are you usually the instigator of the fights you get into?

  1. I literally never get into fights.
  2. No. If someone looks at me weird then they’re obviously the instigator.


What do you usually do on a first date?

  1. I try to have fun and ask questions while also sussing out if they’re a good match for me.
  2. I display all my worst traits upfront so they know what they’re getting into.


How do you prepare for a job interview?

  1. I organize all of my past work experience and write down any questions I have.
  2. I look for the company’s flaws and point them out to the interviewer. Then I tell them that I should be the boss.




Mostly 1s: Congrats, you’re not the problem! You do everything in your power to empathize with others and keep the peace wherever you go. If you’re looking for better friends, a steady relationship, or a new job, then just keep trucking!

Mostly 2s: Uh-oh, looks like you’re due for an attitude adjustment! You’re probably not keeping friends, relationships, or employment because you don’t trust anyone. Try to see the good in people and you’ll find success in no time! Also, try not to fight strangers on the street, unless they really deserve it.