How to Cope When Royalty Dies Tragically and Way Too Young

prince phillip

Nothing brings the world together like a shared tragedy – especially when a member of the British royal family dies a tragic death at far too young of an age, like Prince Philip. If you find yourself unable to go about your daily tasks today, don’t be so hard on yourself – the world is truly grieving for a man who did so much for the world, and deserved so much more time on this earth. Here are some healthy ways to cope:


Don’t be afraid to openly grieve.

The world can be a cruel place, and sometimes even beloved, young, beautiful, kind and loving members of the royal family face their fate far too soon. Remember that just because you didn’t personally know them, it is still a healthy, normal process to openly talk about your sadness and grief over someone whose chance to attain the highest title in the Commonwealth was so suddenly stripped away. This will help you connect with other people, and feel less isolated in your grief. And like they say, only the good die young.


Remember their positive impact on the world.

It’s easy to focus on the shock of the sudden tragedy that just occurred, but it can be helpful to refocus your thoughts on the positive impact they made on so many people around the world – remember all of those iconic moments that put a smile on your face, and so many other marginalized people across the globe? The sadness that you feel right now is proportional to the positivity they brought to the world – isn’t that a beautiful thing?


Keep their memory alive by living their values.

If you find yourself wondering, “How did this happen?” or “Is there some way this could have been prevented?” just remember that the answer is definitely, yes, but there is nothing you personally could have done to change the inevitable. You may be unable to lift your head from your bed from the seemingly bottomless well of sadness that has engulfed you, but you can honor their living memory by sharing that youthful spirit with the world that was unfortunately taken so soon. God, this is so fucking sad.


Grief is never easy, but it can be extra painful when someone who used their privilege for so much good passes away so soon. Take care of yourself, and just think about how great the royal family is. Good luck!