7 Signs You’ve Met Your Next Imaginary Boyfriend

French Man - Reductress

Maybe you’re at the gym, and make eye contact with the handsome guy by the free weights. Maybe you are traipsing down the street and see a dashing stranger at the bus stop. Whatever the meet-cute, we have the seven signs to prove that the guy you just bumped into on the street will be the man you never speak to again but fantasize about for the next six months:


1. He Makes You Feel Special.
He may just be your barista, but when he looks you in the eyes and deep into your soul and asks, “Extra foam?” you feel like the only person in that Starbucks. Later when you are alone in your apartment enjoying that latte, you’ll have the perfect man to imagine was there with you reading the Sunday funnies. He sure loves Doonesbury, probably!


2. He Cares About His Health.
Sure, you’ve only seen this man once, but it was at a Whole Foods and he was buying almond milk and those snap pea crisps, showing he treats his body as a temple. You can so easily see yourself picturing your life together as you are preparing your basil quinoa salad for one.


3. He Makes You Want to be a Better Person.
The guy next to you on the bus is wearing a vintage “Big Brother Big Sister” t-shirt for goodness sake. They don’t just give those away! This guy will make you pretend to realize that all the daydreams about money, fame and climbing the career ladder are nothing compared to daydreams about the two of you volunteering at a soup kitchen.


4.He Has a Great Sense of Humor.
You’ll never get bored thinking about this fellow! He sat in front of you when you went to see your friend’s improv show, and you both laughed at all the same jokes. Now when you fall asleep to reruns of The Daily Show, you’ll have someone special to imagine exchanging witty texts with before bed!



5. He’s Great with Kids.
When your eyes met across the Barnes and Noble bookstore, you noticed he was casually glancing through a copy of The Giving Tree. Your favorite childhood book, and such a classic! This stranger obviously has amazing taste and cares about children – hold onto to this one in your mind!


6. He Takes Care of You and Your Needs.
Did you just see how he asked your floor number and pressed the button for you in the elevator? You wouldn’t have to lift a finger when imagining this relationship! This stranger will always be there for you in your mind when you are having a tough day. This man will be etched into your dreams and Photoshopped into your Facebook profile for years to come.


7. He is a Man, Not a Boy.
You know this because you sat next to him at the DMV as he filled in his birthday on his DL 410 FO form. What a relief – your imaginary boyfriend is too mature to play mind games. He knows exactly how old he is. When you think about all the time you will be spending thinking about being with this hypothetical dreamboat, it is a comfort to know he’s mature enough not to toy with your already unstable emotions.


Remember: your dream man is only a dream away!