Holiday Gifts for the Boyfriend You Won’t Be Spending Next Christmas With

The holidays are a time to give thoughtful gifts to the ones you love. Unless, of course, you’re falling out of love and know that this isn’t gonna last another year, but it’s a weird time to break up so you’re just gonna stick it out a little longer. Here are some gifts to grab for him in the meantime!


A Shirt on Sale

Walk into any clothing store, proceed to the sale rack, and pick up a shirt that’s passably a shirt. He’ll think you paid full price and everything will be simpatico until you break up with him next month and he realizes that this shirt is kinda… sale rack-y, just like he is? Should you tell him? Nah, not yet.


A Solo Beer Making Class

Sometimes it’s fun to take a class together as a couple—but sometimes you don’t want that activity hanging over you. You guys are breaking up soon, and the pressure of having to schedule a joint class is more stress than it’s worth, not to mention you don’t want to pay twice as much when this relationship has a six-month shelf life, tops.


A Food You’ve Seen Him Eat

Maybe it’s not his favorite food but who has time to notice these things when your relationship is on a downward slope? You’ve put enough effort into this sinking ship so it’s time to conserve your resources before you abandon it altogether. Just buy a food you’ve seen him eat (hopefully he likes it) and now you’re done—with gift-buying and the relationship, almost.


Shampoo or Soap

This is useful. Useful is good! Added bonus? He’ll use it up before it sits around reminding him of you, who is soon to be long gone.



A Shot Glass from A Recent Trip You Went on Without Him

Sure, he was hurt when you up and went to Hawaii for a weekend without inviting him, but this shot glass will get some use no matter how he feels about all this in a few months.


A Fish

A quiet reminder that everything good must die. Also, his new companion in life.


Whatever you get him, don’t invest too much time or money. This one’s not a keeper.