Great Gifts for Your Boyfriend (Or Dad, If You Break Up)

The holidays are upon us, and nothing is more romantic than giving the guy you love a thoughtful gift that you can give your dad if things don’t last until December 25th. Your father definitely loves you more than your shitty boyfriend, so if you break up, here are some gifts that your boyfriend or dad will love!


Golf Lessons for Two

Giving your man the gift of an experience is so much more meaningful than material presents. Buy a couples’ lesson at the local public course, then challenge him to a putt-putt competition on your next date night. Building hobbies together is something that will strengthen your relationship with your boyfriend, unless you end things before you have the chance to bond over golf, in which case, this is a pretty good gift for your dad. Now you can have a sweet bonding day with your dad, or just say it’s for him and your mom. Either way, you figured out his gift.



Leather Belt

A sleek leather belt works with everything in your man’s wardrobe. Get one with an understated, but special buckle that showcases your favorite of his assets. Imagine sliding the supple leather through your hands before you take turns spanking each other with it! Or, you know, give it to your dad if you break up with your boyfriend before Christmas.


Monogrammed Wallet

The wallet is a tried and true man gift. It shows that you don’t care enough about him to get something personal, but you know his middle name. And if you break up with this guy, which it kind of sounds like you will, you can give this to your dad. Tell him the monogram is a brand logo or something. Just make sure to take all the condoms you stuffed in it out.


Fondue Set

This gift is a little kitsch, a little fancy, and lot of yum! Imagine romantic date nights feeding each other pieces of bread you tore up and dipped in some warm-ish sauce. This is the perfect kitchen accessory, even if bae is a man’s man, because it’s easy to use and vaguely resembles weaponry. If your guy gets freaked out because he thinks you’re trying to “domesticate him,” give this to your dad. He doesn’t eat cheese anymore because he’s watching his cholesterol, but his friends will enjoy eating pretzels out of it when they come over to watch Sunday night football! Aw, Dad!



A Bottle of His Favorite Whiskey

Make the holidays bearable for you and your man by splurging on a fancy bottle that will look great on his bar. This one doubles as a great gift for Dad, who also drinks alcohol. He’s noticed that you seem a little down, and might even broach the subject of your love life! Boy, will he be sorry he asked, but armed with his brand spanking new bottle of Johnny Walker, you two will be comfortable enough to overlook the awkwardness.


Ultimately, your dad deserves a great present, so consider getting him one even if you don’t break up with your boyfriend. So keep an extra bottle of whiskey handy, just in case!