4 Fall Activities to Celebrate the Death of All Mosquitoes

It’s October, which means it’s finally time to grab your seasonal lattes and enjoy the fall weather, especially since all of the mosquitos are finally dead! If you want to live this bug-free fall to the fullest, then keep reading for four fall activities to celebrate the righteous death of all mosquitoes!


Pumpkin carving

Carving pumpkins outside is one of the best fall activities out there, and it’s even easier to do now that you don’t have to worry about constantly getting eaten alive by mosquitoes, even though sucking your blood would actually be really festive of them, so that’s actually even more reason to hate them and celebrate their demise! Death is nigh!


Apple picking

Picking apples at an orchard is a strictly outdoor activity, which makes it a perfect thing to do if you want to celebrate the world’s mosquitoes finally dying all their little deaths. This fall, you won’t even have to worry about constantly swatting for these fucked up little bugs because they can’t survive past the summer! Yes! Kill! Kill!!



While the temperature may have dropped slightly, sunbathing is actually even better in the fall! If you tan during these colder months, you won’t overheat, and you get the added bonus of not having mosquitoes trying to swarm you. Looks like it’s time to catch those rays! You’ll just have to go inside like every 20 minutes to warm up, but at least your insides will be warm from the sweet knowledge that millions of evil mosquito fucks have met their maker! (Satan).



Exhaling Co2

The carbon dioxide that we all breathe out actually attracts mosquitoes, which causes a lot of bug-related problems in the summer. But if you were sick of holding your breath for the past three months, this fall is the perfect time to finally breathe freely! Now you can exhale as much as you want, because all the mosquitoes are dead now! Yay! Now, dance on their tiny graves!!


So if you want to celebrate fall in the most mosquito-hating way, try out these four fall activities that actively celebrate their timely deaths. There’s nothing you can really do about spiders right now though, so sorry about that!