Fun Fall Activities Because I Naively Assume the Planet Will Still be Around in a Few Months

woman fall leaves

It’s almost fall! The air has started to cool, and there’s definitely going to be a ton of time to enjoy the fun fall weather, because the world is definitely still going to carry on business as usual, and I don’t see any reason at all why it wouldn’t! What else is there to do but to sit back, have some pumpkin spiced coffee, and relax? Haha. Anyway, try these activities in a month or two, assuming the very earth doesn’t crumble beneath our feet:


Going Pumpkin Picking

Throw on that plaid flannel and get out there taking pictures with nature’s most autumnal fruit. It will be great and will definitely happen. Although there is an ongoing deadly pandemic, so pumpkin patches may have limited capacity, and still, someone might get exposed to the virus and die. But it’s okay, it can still happen, we hope!!


Baking with Fall Foods

Stuck inside? Try baking with fall foods. There’s so much in season to enjoy and make for your loved ones. Apple pies and pumpkin bread are only the beginning. This is a great November activity considering Thanksgiving is just around the corner, something that will definitely take place and be possible to follow through on after the presidential election on November 3rd. Have you tried a pumpkin spice latte though?



Hiking and Appreciating the Changing Leaves

Sometimes you just want to bottle that crisp fall air – but until we can do that, go on a hike where you can appreciate the foliage! This will certainly be possible because there’s no way the pandemic and election can affect this– unless you’re near the wildfires entrapping the entire west coast. Well, enjoy the trees while they’re still there, and how much different will it look if the trees are literally on fire versus just the color of fire anyways? Probably not much – enjoy! Wear a mask either way.


There you have it, some fun fall activities that will help you celebrate the season to the fullest. If, you know, there’s still a human population/country/planet to enjoy it with. I really think there will be for some reason!!