QUIZ: Are Your Communication Problems Because of the Mercury Retrograde or Are You Just High All the Time?

There are usually three to four mercury retrogrades in any given year, and they’re known for causing complications along lines of communication, technology, and mental energy. Mercury is currently going through a retrograde, which means that you might be suffering from some of these interruptions. But are your communication issues a result of this retrograde, or are you just smoking weed literally all the time? Take this quiz to find out!


How did your morning go today?

  1. It was alright, but I missed the train at first because I went to the wrong platform! Ugh.
  2. Well, I smoked immediately after I woke up, so things were pretty chill I guess. I honestly don’t really remember!


How have your conversations been during the retrograde?

  1. It seems like no matter what I say, people keep misunderstanding me a little bit. So weird!
  2. It takes me about five seconds to respond to what anyone is saying, but only because I don’t even realize that they’re talking to me at first. But this has also been happening for months. So weird!


How much do you know about astrology?

  1. Not much, but I know there’s a retrograde!
  2. So, so much. Too much maybe.


How clear are your thoughts?

  1. They’re alright. Could be clearer I guess.
  2. How can thoughts be clear…? Like, as opposed to opaque? … Ohhh, wait nevermind lol.





Mostly 1s: This retrograde is really taking a toll on you! Make sure not to start any big confrontations or buy anything online until it’s over, and spend some time self-reflecting instead. You’ll thank yourself later!


Mostly 2s: This mercury retrograde is likely making things harder for you, but it also looks like you’re just confused because you’re literally high all the time. Maybe take a T break until mercury goes direct! Or maybe don’t since you’ll probably still be confused anyway, just less high.