QUIZ: Should You Get High Right Now Or Yes?

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could smoke weed all the time? Unfortunately you can’t. No one can, because of things such as societal expectations, laws, the need to pay rent, and the need to use your mouth for other things. So it’s important to find balance. If you’re trying to figure out whether you should get high at this very moment or if you should absolutely get high at this very moment, we’ve got the answer below. Take this quiz to determine if you should get high right now, or yes.


Do you have time?


  1. Yes, I finished all my work for the day. No one will interrupt to ask for my help with anything, so I’m free to roll this joint, sit on my bed and watch a documentary about the secretive life of flamingoes. Did you know flamingoes lay only one egg per year? I didn’t, but now I do! Ah, it just feels so good to know I’ve earned getting high after a hard day of doing everything I was supposed to do.
  2. Yes.


Do you have a fun space for entertaining yourself?


  1. Yes, I’m inside.
  2. Yes.


Are you in a positive emotional state?


  1. Yes, I’m feeling good. My generally positive emotional state will only be enhanced by smoking. When I fixate on a thought, it will probably be something like, “When popcorn pops, it’s the kernels inflating their emergency parachutes,” rather than, “Oh God, my whole face is made from skin.” In other words, I’m feeling pretty much A+.
  2. Whatever, yes.



Did you stock up on snacks?


  1. Yes, I’ve stockpiled a good ratio of savory to sweet snacks that I can alternate between. I have pretzels to start, then when that gets tiring I can move on to ice cream. Or I can also put the pretzels in the ice cream.
  2. Yes.


Are you high right now?

  1. Yes.
  2. Yes.



Mostly 1’s: You should get high right now!

Congratulations, you should smoke weed right now. You have time, you’re feeling good and you’re also already high so it’s too late to stop you. Sit back and enjoy your high. You earned it, girl!

Mostly 2’s: Yes!