How To Delete His Number So You Can Add It Back Later

Some people can be pretty addictive, even when you know they’re bad for you. People who play games with you do not deserve to be a part of your life, so when you know it’s time to put your foot down and cut them out of your life, here’s how to delete their number so you have the freedom to inevitably add it back later.


Delete it, then Write it on a Slip of Paper and Freeze it in a Block of Ice

This tip is great for people who are addicted to their credit cards, and will force you to thaw the ice and think over any major purchases or texts before you make them. Luckily for you, you can still make out his number through the ice, so you can put it back into your phone tonight after you get stoned and start feeling kind of lonely and bored. Plus, he’ll really love this whole story!


Sext Him and Then Delete His Number

He may play all sorts of games like not returning your texts for days, but if you text him a sexy pic or sexual innuendo, he’s sure to respond at some point, sometime. When you see that familiar dick pic from an unknown number, you’ll immediately know it’s him, and you can add him back into your phone, pretending the whole thing was totally out of your control. Who knew he would really text back??


Delete His Number but First Put it Into a Calendar Event for His Birthday

You are sooo done with him so you’re def gonna make a big show of deleting his number in front of your friends. But before you do it, make an event in your calendar on his birthday and put his phone number in, because would be rude not to text him “happy bday” on his birthday. Plus, you’ll know where to find it if you think of something you have to talk to him about in the meantime. This is almost like doing something in the name of self-preservation but not quite!



Create a New Contact for “Asshole” and then Delete His Number

You probably want to put his number somewhere so you can hate-text him if the mood strikes you – so why not change it to “Asshole” and embrace this healthy way of moving on. Sure, you might eventually get charmed into changing the “Asshole” contact back to “Mike,” but this is almost like doing the right thing and that’s good enough for now!


Sometimes you have to draw a line with toxic people and cut them out of your life. We hope you use these tips to delete that asshole once and for all, for now.