How to Spot That Twinkle In His Eye That Says He’s Going To Masturbate To You Later

Men are always masturbating. Even when they’re not, they are. And sometimes it can be so hard to tell if he’s going to masturbate to you later today. Here are the best tips for spotting that little twinkle in his eye so you can exit this conversation as soon as possible and avoid that possibility altogether.


Make sure he’s standing in the sun.

If you’re having a conversation with a man in a room that’s not well lit, he’s probably thinking about exactly how he’ll masturbate to you later. It’s just science! It might be hard to see that little sparkle in his eye when you walk in the room if it’s too dark, so only have conversations with men in well-lit areas with good natural light; for safety reasons but also because you need a way to detect that tiny glimmer.


Pay close attention.

Sometimes the glint in his eye that says, “As soon as you leave, I’m gonna get my dick out and let my imagination do whatever it wants” is too small to see. So maintain close eye contact and you’ll never miss it. If you look closely into that flicker of light in his cornea, you can even see all the specific and possibly even boring things he’s going to imagine. You may never want to speak to him again, but hey, at least you know what’s going on in there!


Look out for other signs.

The glimmer of his sad little eyes might not be the only sign you can watch for. Excessive drooling, fidgeting, or an overly confident side-grin can also be a very clear sign that when he beats it, he’s going to think about you and only you tonight. Also if his hand is twitching, it’s probably not nerves. His hand is just too excited to start masturbating. Now you know for sure he will masturbate to you tonight and you can regret every second that you know it forever!



Is he masturbating right now?

If a man is masturbating to you right now, there’s a good chance he’ll also be masturbating to you later!


So next time you’re looking at a man and thinking, “I wonder if he’s going to masturbate to me later,” remember these tips. But honestly, he is. He is right now. Don’t turn around!