Mother Reaches Out to Estranged Daughter to Tell Her ‘Gilmore Girls Is Coming to Netflix’

Sources confirmed that 58-year-old Leslie Barnard texted her 27-year old daughter Maura this afternoon about the upcoming Gilmore Girls revival on Netflix, marking the first time either woman has attempted to make contact since a falling out over seven years ago.


“This news was just too big to let the past get in the way,” Barnard told reporters gathered outside her split-level colonial in Hartford, Connecticut, located just 30 minutes from the fictional home of Lorelai and Rory Gilmore in Stars Hollow. “Gilmore Girls was kind of like our thing, back when she was still a normal, healthy, tattoo-free young woman.”



According to Barnard’s neighbors, Barnard and her daughter have not spoken since early 2008. “We’ve had our differences in the past,” Barnard admits, “and she hasn’t been a part of my life in years. I didn’t tell her when I remarried, or that I had another baby last year. I was just about ready to write her off completely. Especially after seeing that she added even more flowers to that horrid thing on her arm. What is she, a druggie?” Barnard pauses, a scowl briefly crossing her face. “But then I saw an article on the news column of Facebook, and I dropped everything and ran for my phone. I knew I had to be the bigger person and reach out, even if she is beyond my help. She looks like a biker’s girlfriend with that thing.”


Barnard goes on to explain why Gilmore Girls was so important to her and her daughter. “I mean, Lorelai’s a mother, I’m a mother; Lorelai has a daughter, I have a daughter. And we like sweets—though I’m a little more about moderation. So…yeah. You can see why the show was so huge for us.” Reaching out a hand to gently rock the bassinet in front of her, Barnard adds, “Some stuff, like my cancer scare, I didn’t care if my daughter ever found out about. But a four episode limited-series revival of Gilmore Girls penned by original series creator Amy Sherman-Palladino?” Barnard shakes her head. “That’s bigger than either of us. Even if she did break our hearts by destroying her lovely wrist.”


Maura declined to comment for this article.



Asked whether she’d heard back from her daughter, Barnard replies, “Not yet. But Lauren Graham’s onboard. Alexis Bledel’s on board. Kelly Bishop and Scott Patterson are on board. So I’m hoping that my daughter is on board, too.” She adds, “As long as she gets rid of that tattoo, that is.”