How to Put Spaces Between Words to Make You Seem Like a F r e e S p i r i t

Do you need to show your free-spirited way of life to others, but can’t do so face-to-face because you’re actually an organized, somewhat calculated person? Follow these steps to add spaces in between the letters of words to let everyone know just how carefree you are!


Choose Your Words

What word is it that perfectly sums up your new carefree, Bohemian lifestyle? Is it L O V E, F R E E, H E A R T, or F O O D? Maybe it’s an entire quote, like, “Here’s to the n i g h t s that turned into m o r n i n g s with the f r i e n d s that turned into f a m i l y.” Just like every decision you make in life, let this one come to you! If you’re really stuck, try coloring in your adult mandala coloring book until you discover your new ~ ~ P e r s o n a l i t y~ ~


Find Your Canvas

This is where things can get tough: You need to decide on where you’ll be showcasing your worry-free persona and you have dozens of choices! To find what will work best for you, try strolling down by the river in your town or head to the beach to re-center yourself. Once you’re done, you’ll know for sure where the best place is for your S p a c e d o u t w o r d !


Show The World

Now that you have your quote and your canvas, it’s time to share that f r e e s p i r i t e d m a g i c! Be careful, as autocorrect may try to capitalize some letters in the process, making you seem like a desperate seventh grader instead of the wild and free-spirited young adult you are. Remember, you’re a f r e e s p i r i t n o w so don’t fuck this up!



Now you may continue on your path toward well being! Once you reach your full free-spirited form, you’ll turn into a cloud of smoke and return to Mother Nature herself! But in the meantime, keep up the f R e E ~~ s P i R i T e D ~~ w O R K!