Is He Building You a ‘She Shed’ Or Is He Planning to ‘Room’ You?

So your new man is building you something in the backyard—cool! “She sheds” are all the rage, and it’s possible he may be building you a gorgeous new space of your very own. While your girlfriends will be totally jealous of your new ladypad (if that is what he’s building?), how will you know if he’s trying to give you a space for quiet reflection, or trying to trap you in a secure room for you to live in forever like in the movie, Room? Here are the key signs to know if you have the best boyfriend ever or you’re about to get Room’d.


He is a master carpenter who shows love by building things.

Your guy understands you need your space, and what better space than a Victorian-style cottage of your very own? If he’s toiling over your new private abode, complete with an ornate facade and a door in the front and the back, your man is probably building you a badass she-shed! And you do not have to worry about being his captor, which is always kind of a concern when meeting a new guy.


There aren’t a lot of windows.

There are no set rules on how to make your she-shed, but the key difference between your she-shed and his man cave is natural light. If he’s building you something that looks more like a bomb shelter than a warm and inviting space to share with friends, he might be planning to Room you. Just remind him that if he wants to move in together all he has to do is ask?



He understands the value of personal space.

Your new beau is building you a rustic cabin with an electric fireplace so that it can be used year-round. Is he is a progressive guy with a beard who understands the value of space, or is he a dangerous man with a beard who may be planning to keep you locked in a weatherized cabin? This is why it’s important to learn his philosophy on personal space: For example, does he have a “man cave” where he hangs with his own buddies, or just a dark room in his padlocked basement where he disappears for hours at a time? This is super important to know before you start shopping for she-shed furniture.


When you ask what he’s up to out there, he just grunts.

You first fell for him because he was an open, honest communicator. But every time you ask what he’s up to out there, he just grunts and avoids eye contact. He might be really bad at surprises, or he’s building a secure bunker underground just like in the movie, Room and you should probably call the police. Online dating is scary!!


Trying to read your new guy isn’t always easy, but since it’s hard to trust men who quickly offer to build you a small home in their backyard, do your homework and make sure that he’s just trying to impress you and not trying to keep you locked away from society until you make a miraculous escape several years later. Stay safe out there!


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