I Lived It: I Went to a Party and the Host’s Dog Ignored Me

I love dogs and, if I’m being honest, dogs love me! I’ve always just had a special and innate bond with every pooch I see. Which is why it was so heartbreaking when I had to live through a true tragedy: I went to a party at a friend’s house and her dog completely ignored me the whole time.


I was so excited when my friend Haley announced that she was throwing a housewarming party. Of course, I love Haley. But mostly, I knew she had just gotten a dog – Skipper – and I was beyond stoked to spend the whole night sitting on the floor petting him.


When I got to the party, I knew something was off right away. I spotted Skipper across the room. I bent over and patted my thighs with my hands, but he didn’t run right over to greet me. I looked around, to see if anyone else had witnessed this totally insane thing, but no one had.


I tried to enjoy the party, but I just couldn’t. Not because I wasn’t happy to see all my friends from college who I barely ever get to hang out with, but because things just got worse from there with the dog.


He was treating me like I didn’t exist. I tried to approach him and he just sort half looked at me before slowly turning around and padding away. Then, when I took a piece of meat and tried to give it to him, he sort of looked past me and sniffed the air, like the meat was…behind me? It was so fucked up. Like he was doing it on purpose.


Dogs love meat!! This is just one thing I know as a dog expert who always forces dogs to pay attention to me when I see them.



Skipper even gave all this attention to Maggie, who was in my sorority, and Maggie doesn’t even like dogs. If you can believe it, she prefers babies!! How messed up is that?!


When I talk about it now, people don’t seem to understand why it was such a grave injustice that Skipper wouldn’t let me pat his head or rub his belly or even sniff my dang hand. In fact, people say that I’m the one with the problem for “screaming “what the fuck is wrong with your dog?’” and “trashing the place in a fit of rage.” But you know what? I needed to be true to myself. And yes, in this case that meant breaking down and sobbing and making such a scene that everyone had to leave.


If your dog ignores me, sorry but that’s on you.


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