Yikes! This Woman Is Not Living Up to Her High School Superlative

In a disappointing story coming out of Tacoma, WA, 28-year-old architect Nastasia Morris has not been living up to her high school superlative of “Most Likely to be an Olympian”.


How embarrassing!


In Nastasia’s senior year of high school, she was awarded with the due to her participation in several sports throughout all four years of high school. But even though she was later accepted at the University of Washington to play Division 3 soccer, she soon quit after only one semester.


“I just didn’t wanna do it anymore,” Nastasia told us. “It got too hard, and I was bored with it. Plus, I wanted to focus on my studies.”


Pathetic! No one wanted you to be ‘smart,’ Nastasia!


“My high school classmates would probably be shocked to learn that I barely even work out anymore,” Nastasia said. “I mean, I do the occasional weight lift here and there, but other than that, I don’t really like to push myself as much as I used to. I like to take it easy now.”


Yikes! What would your high school volleyball coach think, girl??


“I also thought Nastasia was cut out for great things, like becoming an Olympic athlete,” Mrs. Thompson told us. “So when I found out that she’s now an accomplished architect, I was so disappointed.”


Way to drop the ball, Natasia – literally and figuratively!


“I always thought that I would be travelling the world, winning medals, and competing with the best athletes in the world, and all of my classmates did too,” Nastasia explained. “But I’m honestly really happy with the way everything turned out for me. My partner and I also have a baby on the way, and we couldn’t be happier.”



Um, Nastasia wasn’t given the superlative “Most Likely to have a Happy Family” in high school, so what the hell is she doing with her life?


We hope that Nastasia gets a wake up call and decides to turn her life around. Having a great career and a loving family is overrated. The Olympic USA team needs you, Nastasia, and your classmates from ten years ago do too!