Inspiring! This Woman is Eating Something That She Knows Will Give Her Diarrhea Later

In an empowering story coming out of Newark, New Jersey, 29-year-old Deandra McNeil is taking her fate into her own hands by eating something that she knows will definitely give her diarrhea later.


As a lactose-intolerant woman, Deandra made the brave choice to eat mac ‘n’ cheese with hot sauce followed by a milkshake, with absolutely no dairy substitutes in sight.


“I went to a random fast food place while on a road trip with a friend, and I decided to just go for it!” Deandra told us. “I knew that I would probably be suffering for the whole day afterwards, but sometimes you have to live for the moment and kind of pretend you don’t know it’s a big mistake.”


Wow! We love to see women taking their digestive health into their own hands and making it so much worse!


We were also able to follow up with Deandra’s friend, 31-year-old Felicity Davis, who was on the scene when Deandra made this fearless decision.


“Deandra never eats dairy, and spicy food always gives her stomach trouble,” Felicity said. “I asked her if she was sure about her choice to order both mac ‘n’ cheese and a milkshake, but she was steadfast on eating food that was going to blow up her bowels.”


“Sometimes I just get tired of always drinking oat milk,” Deandra said. “And despite my stomach getting upset by hot sauce too, sometimes my food just needs a little flavor!”


“I know that I will pay for this though,” Deandra told us. “Probably like, right after I finish this meal.”


Yes, queen! Destroy that colon!


At press time, Deandra is in a gas station bathroom, which she has reportedly been in for almost two hours now.



“This meal made us miss our hotel reservation, but it was still totally worth it,” Deandra told us in between her violent shits, “There’s just nothing like real cheese!”


Whatever you say, Deandre! Your friend is probably mad at you though!