Feminist Hero? This Woman Refuses to Apologize for a Massive Fuckup

In an inspiring story out of Los Angeles, CA, 25-year-old Ashley Marks is being hailed as a feminist icon because of her refusal to apologize for her massive fuck up at work.


Ashley works as a video editor at a high profile post-production company, and this last Monday she accidentally wiped an entire hard drive containing the Superbowl ad for Triscuit. But despite her disastrous mistake, she still won’t say she’s sorry.


“Women apologize way too much,” Ashley said. “And usually it’s for things that aren’t even their fault.”


So true, Ashley!


“And while erasing the entire hard drive that had the Superbowl ad for Triscuit may have actually been my fault, and one that could cost the company millions of dollars and our relationship to the powerful cracker brand Triscuit, should I apologize for it?” said Ashley. “Absolutely not.”


“Someone else should have stopped this thing that happened that I was tangentially involved in, in that I caused it. So no, I’m not ‘sorry’.”


Yes, girl! We love to see women taking up space in the workplace!


We also caught up with Ashley’s coworkers at the company to talk about her huge fuck up at work, but they actually had less than positive things to say about the matter.


“We all have to work overtime this week to recover the files that we lost when Ashley erased everything,” Anthony West told us. “I support feminism 100%, but I still think Ashley could have said she was at least a little bit sorry about the whole thing.”


But Ashley is steadfast in her perspective.


“Wow, of course a man in the workplace wants me to say I’m sorry,” Ashley said. “What else does he want me to apologize for? Being a successful woman in a male dominated industry? Well I’m not saying sorry for that either!”


Totally understandable!


We hope that Ashley continues to slay every day at work, no matter what kind of irreversible mistakes she makes. After all, you should never apologize for being a girlboss!