How to Continue Smoking Weed Even Though It Gives You Anxiety Because Weed

So you’ve been recreationally smoking marijuana since you were a kid and now you’re thinking maybe you should stop because it’s expensive, kind of bad for you, and brings little to your life besides making you moderately anxious and extremely sleepy? Well you shouldn’t! Here’s how you can push through and continue smoking weed even though it gives you anxiety because, come on, weed, man!!


Make sure it’s always around.

Accessibility is a key factor in ensuring you never stop passively smoking bowls on bowls of marijuana for little to no reason. Keep a piece out in the open so that your eyes will inevitably fall on it at the end of a long day and you’ll think, “Eh, why not?” First smoke a little, then smoke more until suddenly your heart is beating really fast, you’re incredibly overwhelmed by every small task you have to complete in the near future, and all that’s left to do is take deep breaths and tell yourself that in 20 minutes you’ll just be tired. It’s weed! You love the stuff. Do you? Do you not? Whatever, this is your life now.


Remember the times you liked weed.

Think back to high school when you and your friends had to smoke weed in secret and being high was illicit and hilarious in and of itself. That was fun, right? Or were you anxious then, too? We can never remember the past truthfully, so go ahead and tell yourself that smoking weed was once awesome and will be again! It’s weeeed! It’s silly; it’s fun. Shut up. I mean you’re not going to stop, right? So what are we even doing here? Roll the joint – grow up.


Look at representations of weed in media.

If you’re doubting whether you really enjoy smoking at all, take a look at all the delightful representations of weed smoking in film and TV. These characters are all getting baked and going on wild adventures! Of course, when you smoke you feel paranoid and afraid of the entire outside world, but hey! It’s all gravy, baby. You’ve got weed, right? Smoke it, then buy some more and never stop. This cycle can just continue until you one day die because it’s what? W-w-w-w-wEED.



So try these tips to simply continue smoking that fine-fine kush despite the reliable anxiety it gives you. Just reading this did kind of make you want to smoke weed. Right? Right? Attaboy. Smoke’s up!