Woman Can’t Find Anyone to Go Tanning With for High School Reunion

A former student of Lynn English High School is reportedly unable to find anyone to go tanning with her in preparation for her upcoming 10-year reunion. Casey Helms, 28, laments: “A few of us used to go over to Island Tanning together before proms and stuff but like no one’s down to go these days.”


Helms has reportedly contacted all her former high school friends via texts and Facebook. “I sent like 8 messages and made some wall posts about going tanning but no one seems to be responding,” says Helms. Eventually she even posted a message on the event page for the reunion, with the query, “Any recommendations on where to get a good updo these days and is it just me or has bebe changed their sizing???” The post got one ‘like’ from a male classmate Helms doesn’t remember going to school with. “He definitely didn’t play a sport or anything,” notes Helms.



Finally, surmising that “maybe people with full-time jobs aren’t on Facebook a lot, but come on,” Helms sent out an email to all the girls from high school whose addresses she still had, asking “PRE REUN TANNING TRIP?!?! Mary – r u still using this aol email? ne1 know? Lemme no if u guys get this and send me new email addresses if u got them for people.”


Helms has not given up hope that the gang will get together for some sort of activity “like hanging out at the Square One food court or whatever.” She’s started a blog, titled  “Bulldog Reunion Countdown,” where she’s chronicling the progress of her tan, frost highlights, at-home teeth whitening, and other preparations for the event. “I think if I start posting about it, others will get excited and join in. I know a few people still live nearby so they should definitely get in touch with me if they want to get ready together.”


As of print time, Helms was still unsure if any of her high school friends were even going to the reunion.