Wow! This Woman Spent $6 on an Iced Latte and It Was Kind of Bad

woman drinking iced coffee

Proving once and for all that we never know what’s coming around the bend on this crazy ride we call life, last week Zoe Greene purchased an iced latte for six U.S dollars, and it was actually kind of bad.


“I rarely get iced lattes or any sort of milk-based drink because they’re so expensive,” said Zoe. “But I just wanted one so bad. I couldn’t stop thinking about it all day.”


Whoa! It’s amazing that Zoe spent the cost of a meal on a beverage that turned out to be not even that good, really.


“It’s not like I went into this blind,” Zoe explained. “I know how milk-based drinks run.”


“But I will admit that I had every expectation that once that creamy, icy espresso hit my lips, it would be worth every penny,” Zoe continued, fighting back tears.


Zoe reports that she entertained the idea of adding an extra shot to the drink, but decided against it upon discovering it would cost her an additional two dollars.


The result? A very expensive un-budgeted-for drink that tasted pretty much like a glass of milk.



“We’re all hurting from this,” said a friend, Frances Heeds. “I texted Zoe that night asking if she wanted to grab a drink, and she explained she couldn’t because she had already purchased an iced latte earlier that actually was sort of bad.”


“That text hit me like a ton of bricks,” Frances continued. “The universe can certainly be cruel, and buying a disappointing iced latte that technically doesn’t have something wrong with it so you can’t rightfully complain and just have to drink it and feel sad, is one of its worst tricks. It’s the banality of tragedy, some might say.”


But always a beacon of strength and perseverance, Zoe is not letting the incident prevent her from potential positive beverage experiences in the future.


“Tomorrow I think I’m going to try an iced dirty chai from the place by my work,” said Zoe. “And I’m going to want that with almond milk which will put around $7, pre-tip.”


“I hope the chai isn’t too sweet,” Zoe continued. “Because I will absolutely hate it if the chai is even slightly too sweet.”


Incredible! We all hope this brave gambler doesn’t hate her nearly $10 drink!