Woman Trains For Marathon While Trash Remains Too Exhausting To Take Out

23 year-old Jennifer Ainsley has been training hard for an upcoming marathon, but still struggles to take out the trash in her two-floor walkup.


“Hitting my 17 miles a day has been tough, but nothing compares to the trip down my stairs and around the corner to the dumpster,” Ainsley says. “That shit is annoying.”


Ainsley has been preparing her body for the ultimate challenge for months now, but according to her family and friends, some chores have never been attainable.


“One time when she was little, we asked her to pick up a popsicle wrapper off the ground. She told us she was too tired, then proceeded to bike up and down the street nineteen times,” her mother states.


According to Ainsley, even other household tasks like dishes and vacuuming prove challenging.


“Sometimes I get so frustrated with the thought of taking out the trash that I have to go run off some steam–three miles at least,” Ainsley explains.


However, Ainsley stressed that it’s all about positive thinking.


“Running is a mental game, and so are chores. I’m just way better at winning the running mental game,” Ainsley shrugs.


According to Ainsley’s roommates, several small bags have been piling up on top of the big one for a week and a half.



“She claims that the small bag thing is easier to manage. I feel like what would be easier to manage is to not run a marathon, but I guess that’s why we’re different people,” says roommate Emily Leer.


Ainsley’s roommates concluded their interview by noting that, despite her strenuous marathon training, she did muster the motivation to throw a big party, which filled two large bags of trash.


When asked to comment on the party, Ainsley could not be reached, as she was doing a triathlon with a friend.