Woman Still Paying for Student Loans, Credit Card, and When She Went to Bed With Makeup On Last Week

Adulthood comes with a lot of responsibility, and part of that is paying off your debts. 28-year-old Megan Tran knows this all too well, and with her student loans, credit card debt, and the dollars here and there she owes her generous friends, she’s struggling to make ends meet. The most stressful thing she’s still paying for to this day, however, is the fact that she decided not to take her makeup off when she came home from a night out last week. 


“It’s even worse than the $6,000 I have in credit card debt,” Megan told reporters. “I’m paying my dues every single day — it happened six days ago and I’m still breaking out. It just feels never-ending at this point.”


With the mounting payments Megan is required to make, she’s not sure if she has enough resources to keep up.


“I mean, I’m gonna run out of salicylic acid serum soon,” she said. “And then what am I supposed to do? Buy more with my credit card? It’s an endless cycle, and right now it doesn’t look like there’s any way out.”


Many experts on the subject agree with Megan, noting that the average American has $96,371 worth of credit card, auto loan, mortgage, and student loan debt, and that’s not even including the average price Americans pay for keeping their foundation on for a full 20 hours.


“We live in a society run by predatory loans that prey on the most vulnerable people,” Certified Consumer Debt Specialist Giorgia Romano said. “And it’s unfortunate because people shouldn’t have to drown in crippling debt in order to live their lives, especially when all they did was pass out before they could do their five-step skincare routine.”



At press time, Megan was applying for a loan so she can regularly see a dermatologist.


“You gotta spend money to make money,” she told reporters. “And also, to fix your skin after a terrible mistake.”