Woman Snoozing Alarm Treats Herself to Another 20 Minutes of Anxiety

Last Tuesday at 8:15 a.m., 22-year-old Tonessa Bradshaw did something truly revolutionary: She snoozed the alarm on her phone and enjoyed an extra 20 minutes of full-on anxiety before she actually got out of bed.


“Normally I wake up and get out of bed at 8:15,” Tonessa told us. “But this time I said, ‘Hey, what’s another 20 minutes of staring at the ceiling while my heart beats really fast?”


While others usually use the snooze button to get a little bit more rest, Tonessa thought differently.


“Laying in bed with racing thoughts allowed me to feel super ready for the day ahead,” Tonessa explained. “Especially because thinking about my commute to work helped me worry about it even sooner than I had to.”


But while Tonessa thought about the future, she also had plenty of time to think about the past.


“I also got to think about all the stress dreams I had the night before,” Tonessa added. “There’s nothing like a little self-reflection before you start your day, and now I better understand why I view my coworker as my middle school bully!”


“I also just thought about everyday kind of stuff, like everything I’ve ever done wrong in my life,” Tonessa added.



After those 20 minutes, Tonessa considered making a habit out of it.


“What’s stopping me from doing this every morning?” Tonessa asked. “I get all of my daily anxiety out in the first 20 minutes!”


While Tonessa is reported to be anxious throughout the day regardless, we don’t want to ruin this for her. Keep on trucking, Toni!