Uh Oh! This Company Asked an Employee to Print Something at Home and She Died

In a disturbing tragedy out of Akron, OH, 26-year-old Samira Roberts passed away unexpectedly in her living room mere hours after her boss asked her to print out a 20-page presentation at home.


Didn’t see that coming, but we get it!


“We heard this piercing screech coming from Samira’s house so we ran over there to see if she was alright,” reveals her neighbor Sam Wilcox. “I’ll never forget the look of terror mixed with disgust on her face. It still haunts me.”


Insider sources report that Samira went into shock and her neighbors found her clutching her phone with her email app opened.



“We are very sad to hear about Samira’s passing,” says Martin Richards, Samira’s manager. “The last I heard from her was when she responded to my email Monday morning with ‘Sorry, I can’t do this!’”


“I could have told her she could have just printed it out at the office in the morning, he added. “I have a lot of guilt over this now.”


The CEO of Samira’s firm released a statement later that evening.


“We were told by those closest to her that Samira was a light in the lives of those around her,” wrote CEO Derek Gilman in a companywide email. “And while we deny responsibility for her passing, we do understand that asking someone to print something out is an insane – and often dangerous – request. We will be considering this more in the future.”


Haha, yikes!