I LIVED IT: My Spotify Wrapped Revealed My Screamo Relapse

I Lived it:

Getting your Spotify Wrapped should be an exciting and fun experience for everyone involved. You should be able to look back on what you listened to last year, and happily share it with friends on your Instagram story, without shame. But for me, I can’t join in on all the fun because my Spotify Wrapped revealed my short, albeit powerful, screamo relapse.


Now I don’t know if I’ll ever find joy using Spotify, or listening to music at all, ever again.


For the most part of last year, I listened to what was popular. Rico Nasty, Phoebe Bridgers, Beyonce, and SZA were all on my rotation for the first five months of 2020. These were the artists that I expected to be on my Spotify Wrapped, considering that I listened to them over a long period of time – but I guess I forgot about that one weird month I had. To my surprise, Of Mice and Men, Sleeping With Sirens, and Pierce The Veil were my Top 3 Bands of the Year instead.


Now how am I supposed to post my Wrapped without everyone in my life reaching out because they’re sincerely worried about me?


I shouldn’t be publicly humiliated simply because I wanted a trip down memory lane. It’s not like I even listen to screamo all the time! I just had a really intense period with it after a Youtube video about the best screamo performances popped up on my feed once when I was feeling kind of nostalgic about 2005.


Should I be publicly shamed for this? I don’t think so, but Spotify clearly disagrees.


When I look at everyone else’s stories, their top artists are way more digestible for a wider audience. Even if it’s not the most popular artists, it at least makes them seem kind of cool.


My friend Clyde’s top artist was Cocteau Twins, and that just made me think they were artsy. If I post that my top song was “Doomed” by Bring Me the Horizon, I doubt that people will think the same.


Everyone I know has posted their Spotify Wrapped now, and I’m just hoping and praying that no one ever asks me about mine.


I really should have just listened to more R&B. According to Spotify, this and screamo were neck and neck.



While I won’t be participating in the Spotify Wraps this year, I’m already focusing on pushing screamo out of my list for the next one. I vow to never listen to a screamo song ever again, no matter how nostalgic I get for Collide With The Sky, Pierce The Veil’s best album by far.


Here’s to next year!