I Astral Projected to a Retail Job to Empathize With The Working Class

White Woman Speaks:

I always hope to extend an empathy bridge to people from different walks of life than me, like the working class. But as a student of many spiritual and wellness practices, I have always felt like I was missing something. There was a hole inside of me and I’m not talking about my yoni eye. The hole was an understanding of an experience different from mine, like being kind of poor. That’s why decided to astral project to a retail job that pays slightly over minimum wage to empathize with those less fortunate than me.


What I saw there is not for the faint of heart.


In this astral realm I had do things like to ask people if they needed help and sell terrible clothes to angry people wondering why the discount didn’t come off at the register. The astral projection shook my core. I couldn’t believe the everyday worker had to touch polyester.


The worst was the hours. I had to stay in these astral projections for a five-hour shift, which was awful because I only got a 15-minute break to astral project into the rest of the mall to see if there were any better stores. I tried to tell my boss I needed a longer break for some energy cleansing, and he looked at me like I was crazy. How do regular working people do this every day?


Descending out of the retail astral projection was so healing. Returning to my penthouse with a view of the waterfront really grounded me after an excruciating shift at the Gap.


Checking my privilege was really hard for me because I live in an abundance mindset, a world without that was a total vibe killer. But now more than ever is a time to exercise understanding of those who have less than me specifically.



My recommendation to retail workers? Quit! Just live a sustainable lifestyle full of yoga classes and hot mouth breathing.


Now I’m renewed, I will never yell at the grocers at Whole Foods again and maybe I’ll be a little nicer to the lady who cleans my house. All it took was a simple astral projection into working retail.