Dude Corner: I Want to be a Better Listener so I Can Tell Women They’re Wrong

Dude Corner

What up, sloots! Dude Corner here, and I’ve got another super serious topic I want to broach: Obviously I’m a huge feminist (at least that was my nickname when I was hazed into my frat), and as a result, I’m trying to be a better listener – specifically so I can prove them wrong and have more ammo when they ask me what the fuck my problem is.


I don’t believe in “labels”, but it can be hard to get pussy if you’re labeled as a “mansplainer”, and that’s why I’m doing everything I can to not get pegged like that. Becoming a better listener hasn’t been easy. You would think women would at least be grateful a man is willing to sit there and nod while they talk about nails or hair or abortion or whatever. I’m mean sorry but I thought I was doing the work? At least give me credit for trying before I tell you that whatever you’re saying is kind of dumb.


After years of silencing women, I’m prepared to be the first man to ever just kind of shut up and take it from any woman that’s at least, like, a seven, seven-and-a-half? And that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy a good-faith debate with a woman. At the end of the day when she says that NFTs are dumb and I say no they aren’t dumb, they’re actually cool, you’re the dumb one – I just need to make sure she knows I’m right.



If you’re a dude looking to be a better listener so that you can shit all over her argument later even though she was like “This isn’t even an argument, why are you arguing with me?” is just repeat the opposite of what she said in a way that sounds louder and righter.


To all the babes out there, just remember that not all men are bad listeners – sometimes we listen just so we can think of what to talk at you about afterward. Since this is the first time in history that women have been able speak, just remember that it’s gonna take some practice and you’ll be mostly bad at it for awhile. But hey, if any cuties out there wanna chat, DM me pics ;)