Introverted Woman Attends Social Event to Chuckle Here And There

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Last Friday in an extraordinary move, 23-year-old introverted woman Natasha Thompson attended her friend’s house party to just kind of have a quiet chuckle here and there.


“At first I really didn’t want to go,” Natasha told us. “I never know what to say at parties, but then I realized that I didn’t have to say anything at all – I could just nod along to other conversations and laugh at their jokes.”


At the event, Natasha was reported to be having a great time, despite her introversion and social anxiety.


“I’m actually really glad that I came,” Natasha said. “Not because I had anything to say to anyone, but because I knew I’d get to have a nice silent laugh or two.”


Sources report that Natasha did say “hello” to two different people at the party with over 30 attendees, but then reverted back to giggling at whatever they said before casually excusing herself to the bathroom.


“It was such a great party,” says Victoria, the host of the party. “I honestly didn’t even notice that Natasha was there, but I’m glad she had a good time too!”


If you count shaking slightly from anxiety while laughing occasionally as a good time, then she absolutely did!


We also spoke to another party goer who had a lot more to say about Natasha’s big outing.


“I asked her how she’s been the past couple months, because I hadn’t seen her since September,” 24-year-old Kendall Davis told us. “But she kinda just laughed until I felt like I had to say something in response. Then she laughed again.”


While social interactions may not come naturally to Natasha, that isn’t stopping her from enjoying herself.



“After tonight,” Natasha told us. “I think I’ll try going out more, as long as I can just have a chuckle sometimes and don’t actually have to talk to anyone.”


Fair enough!