Cute! This Woman Thinks She’ll Be Able to Nap For Just 20 Minutes

In a just-fucking-adorable story out of Lauderdale, FL, Lori Moss is planning on squeezing a nap in between work and drinks with friends later tonight, even though she only has about 20 minutes at home before she needs to head out.


“I’m so tired. I’ll take a quick one,” says Lori, clearly misunderstanding the amount of time it takes most humans to fall asleep.


Aw, how sweet! She’s lying to herself!



Lori’s plan involves leaving work exactly on time, racing home from rush hour traffic, and somehow plopping herself down in bed with enough calm to induce a deep sleep for exactly 20 minutes before she needs to wake up again and leave.


“I think I can swing it,” she says, “I just need to close my eyes for a bit.”


Lori’s plan does not take into account the light from the windows, the time it will take to close the curtains, the panicked re-checking of her phone alarm to make sure it was set properly, and the reiteration of math confirming this is all possible. But still she’s confident in her plan.


“This is the best idea. I just need a quick recharge and I’ll be right back at it.”