100 Hours of Watching Bad TV Show Helps Woman Contribute to Two-Minute Conversation

Quarantine provided 23-year-old Daisy Miller with plenty of time to binge-watch terrible TV shows. And luckily for Daisy, spending 100 hours consuming one terrible TV show allowed her to fully participate in a two-minute conversation about it this week.


Daisy’s choice to spend irretrievable days consuming trash media came to the rescue when she was feeling pretty out of her element at a dinner with friends and acquaintances.


“I kept to myself for most of the two-hour meal until someone brought up the new season of Love Island,” Daisy says.  “I just so happened to watch all 254 episodes of the seven-season series during lockdown, so I had a lot to say about it.”


Witnesses say that after being quiet through most of the meal, Daisy lit up and launched into a rant about how boring the U.S. version of the show was compared to the U.K version.


“My parents always told me that these reality TV shows were rotting my brain and contributing to antisocial behavior,” says Daisy, who spent most of her youth devouring Keeping up with the Kardashians and Bad Girls Club. “If only they could’ve seen me tonight – I was on fire.”


Daisy’s mother tells sources that her daughter texted her about the conversation at 3 am.



“Daisy was always an unusual child. She preferred to stay in and watch her shows instead of playing outside with her peers,” says Jane Miller. “I’m just glad it all paid off so she could have a fleeting connection at a casual social gathering.”


We are so proud of Daisy and wish her luck in her TV-binging endeavors.